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I asked that first question about law school and that was so much more helpful than anything I've read on the internet, thanks so much!!! Good luck in school bb
asked by Anonymous

I’m glad I could help! And I’m happy to answer any other questions you have now or that you come up with in the future. Law school can be opaque for those outside the process, so I’d love to help in any way I can!

Good luck to you as well, especially if you decide to go the law school route!

I have a law school question as well (I hope you don't mind). Since you're a third year student, do you have any suggestions for things to do (classes ,independent research,etc.) to prep for law school or college in general? (I'm a HS sophomore at the moment, but I just want to be ready)
asked by foundcas

I don’t mind at all!

Advice under the cut.

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Do you really go to BC law school? I actually go to Northeastern so I love hearing about other people in Boston :)
asked by Anonymous

I do!! There are always more people on here in Boston than I expect, but Beantown has something like 200,000 college students alone between all of its schools and that’s the Tumblr demographic, so I should quit being surprised haha.

You're in law school? Or are you going into it? either way that's so cool that's what I wanna do so I was wondering on what you have to say about it?
asked by Anonymous

I am currently in law school! People always seem to want to know what it’s like and I guess the first thing I’d say is that it’s not all that different from undergrad (I am American, so we don’t do it in university like other countries sometimes do).

Under the cut for a long discussion on “should I go to law school?”

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spn ladies meme | 9 humans [3/9]

↳ Mary Winchester

i had two professors write me rec letters for an internship i’m trying to do next semester and they said such nice things about me and i’m blushing and


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