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So…holy shit, I think Robbie Thompson just left the ending of SPN vague enough that it’s entirely possible great chunks of S9 was in fact, shitty Metatron fanfic.

Like, it wasn’t directly stated, but there was a heavy implication that Metatron was controlling certain characters behavior.

Detailed spoilers and messy ramblings beneath the cut.

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but can we just talk about this?

to be honest, while i do think dean cares about cas (the 6 calls and asking after his well-being speak to that), dean’s done an exceptionally shitty job of being cas’ friend this season. he’s had other things on his plate, sure, but sending him away penniless was not even the neighborly thing to do.

and yet cas turns to sam, the one person he knows dean might listen to, and asks him to take care of him. in that moment, cas tips his hand and it’s clear that despite everything cas is concerned. not that cas has made any bones about caring about dean - he even asked him outright how he was earlier in the episode - but it’s asking sam to watch out for him that truly underscores his affection and care. dean always says he’s fine and puts on a good show, but cas knows that sam can see through it.

that’s not even the part of this that got me, though. no, the truly breath-taking part is the way sam just nods, looking almost defeated. there’s no pretense, no “dean’s going to be fine” like i could see him saying to garth or jody. sam sees cas’ concern for what it is and does him the respect of meeting it candidly. they are both worried about dean.

these six words were not only great destiel fodder, but show how the friendship between sam and cas is more solid than ever.

if you don’t look at this and think cas would be the mouthiest little shit of a sub, i have some news for you friend


i am upset about the lack of representation too. i am upset that destiel may never be canon. i am upset that tptb on spn are too chickenshit to let their characters live the way they have developed.

but at the same time all of that (almost) doesn’t matter

because people are talking. even outside the fandom, destiel is being held up as an example of early lgbtqai+ representation on television and part of its acceptance into mainstream media. it’s part of a movement where people are taking their interpretation to the streets and fighting for what they see and feel, fighting for representation for themselves beyond the “funny gay best friend” and the “edgy lesbian roommate”

there is such life in destiel regardless of explicit canonization because people are talking about it and taking it seriously, even if tptb aren’t. regardless of what they do, destiel is going to follow supernatural into perpetuity as a huge part of its soul, and fuck if that isn’t beautiful

just think about how castiel was one of the first angels after gabriel, balthazar, and anna to break away from the ranks of heavenly automatons

think about his first halting steps into free will to stand by the winchesters’ side for a cause he believed in

think about how he simply wants to hunt with the winchesters and fight with them

think about how reluctant he is to be a leader

think about how much he thinks about all the angels he slew fighting raphael, including raphael him/herself

think about how much he doesn’t want more angel blood on his hands

but also just think about how he learned to drive

think about how he loves peanut butter and jelly sandwiches

think about how he smiles when he hears dean’s voice

think about how much he cares about sam and dean

think about castiel dammit

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